Deeply Practical Project Management Training

How To Plan And Manage Projects Using The World-Wide
Standard Project Management Institute (PMI) Best Practices
In The Simplest, Most Deeply Practical Way

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” - Albert Einstein

Would you like your teams to not only understand project management, but also be able to implement it in the simplest, most deeply practical way?  Based on more than 25 years of experience, this course provides a deeply practical description of how to use the tried and true Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices to manage your projects through every stage of their life-cycle.  The project management processes are mapped across the project time-line, and the specific actions you need to take and documentation you need to prepare at each step are explained in an easy to follow thread.  The use of software tools to support the project management process is described.  The role and key skills of the Project Manager are described.  Templates are provided for all the key project management documents.  The course is end-to-end, comprehensive, and simple to understand.

The course content has benefited from more than ten years of improvement feedback from thousands of people from dozens of organizations.  It is proven, practical, and complete, providing an end-to-end road-map that you can use as a checklist to apply the project management processes to your projects of any size, in any domain, to maximize their scope, schedule, cost, and risk performance.  If you have a project you need to manage right now, or just wish to get a solid grounding in practical application of the standard project management best practices, this course can really help.  You will also earn 16 Professional Development Units (PDU's). 


William Stewart is a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has managed projects from $250K to $55M using the PMI processes, and served in senior project management roles on projects up to $3B. He has delivered more than 200 courses in PM to more than 2,000 people. He has worked for business, government, academia, and founded a software startup. He has wide experience with project management, risk management, negotiating, and software engineering. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science for discovery of an algorithm that builds geodesic domes in multiple dimensions in optimum space and time, which to his knowledge has never been used for anything practical. (Bio)


  • "The PMI processes applied in an easy to use fashion." – C. Newton.
  • "Did a phenomenal job in relating the real world experiences with the PM models / theories." – N. Anjaria.
  • "Direct and to the point. Help sort the fact from the fluff." – M. Griffin.
  • "Content was very useful for my current job, in that I can immediately apply the tools." – J. Seguin.
  • "An excellent look at the basics of Project Management. Can be used both at work and in my personal life." – D. Cameron.
  • "Vast amount of actual experience to draw from, and he used it extremely well to bring the course material to life." – J. Anderson.
  • "What I enjoyed most about the course was all the practical information that I could easily incorporate into my daily work activities." – S. Rebeiro.
  • "Explained project management theories that I previously never clearly understood. Thanks for giving me the 'light bulb'." – L. Slot.
  • "Excellent course that exceeded my expectations. Liked the real-life examples. Great flow, easy to understand." – P. Trethewey.
  • "Best instructor by far from all the courses I have taken. More than simply surface information." – J. Morand.
  • "Eye opening for my own job and for the levels above me which I aspire to reach in my career development path." – S. Narasimhan.
  • "In over twenty years this was probably the most relevant course I've taken." – R. Gaudet.


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