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Student Testimonials

William Stewart has delivered more than 200 courses in project management, risk management, and negotiating to more than 2,000 students. Please find below a representative snapshot of comments below.

"Vast amount of actual experience to draw from, and he used it extremely well to bring the course material to life and to keep it interesting. Very personable and easy to listen to. Kept everyone's interest and kept the course moving forward at a good pace."
– J. Anderson, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

"Bill did a phenomenal job in relating the real world experiences with the PM models / theories as well as matching the diverse skill set level present in the class."
– N. Anjaria, Innovapost.

"Exceeded expectations. Best instructor I have ever had ... hands down!"
– B. Armstrong, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

"Bill is a knowledgeable individual whose easy going, anecdotal style is easily understood and who maintains student interest well."
– D. Arsenault, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Really enjoyed the class with Bill!"
– B. Bachelder, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Knowledgeable and experienced instructor."
– K. Bayley, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Great course! Thank you! Presented a lot of great experiences and tips. Very clear and easy to understand. Used examples at the right time. Very informative and I will go back to my office and apply what I have learned. Thanks Bill!"
– N. Beaudoin, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

"The instructor has plenty of background to be able to relate to real life issues."
– C. Beauregard, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

"Great practical info and answered all questions perfectly. The course was fantastic, I did not want it to end."
– P. Blanchette, Self Employed.

"I really like the fact that Bill was able to keep me focused on the subject."
– M. Boivin, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"This course was very helpful as it I am new to projects and I can now apply and understand the process and terminology."
– J. Boland, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Very well done, organized, professional."
– G. Boyd, Ottawa Youth Services Bureau.

"Bill had a calm, easy going delivery manner that was easy to follow."
– C. Brear, RCMP.

"Enjoyable and gave me a good insight of project management."
– C. Brisson, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"An excellent look at the basics of Project Management. This can be used both at work and in my personal life."
– D. Cameron, Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

"Very satisfied. Bill is interesting to listen to. Very knowledgeable."
– N. Carisse, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

"Great course, thanks."
– E. Carriere, Canada Border Services Agency.

"Bill Stewart is an excellent facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed attending this course."
– B. Chamberlain, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Excellent course, confirmed information I am doing is correct, provided information to manage a project more effectively. Excellent Job!"
– N. Chambers, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Mr. Stewart is a very knowledgeable person. I appreciate his patience in the class and his calm attitude. He is very positive and very professional."
– D. Chamoun, National Research Council.

"Absolutely wonderful. Understood the material and presented it in an interesting approach."
– K. Chandler, Innovapost.

"I found that this course will really help me in acquiring skills that will be useful for all my future project."
– L. Charbonneau, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Excellent person and a good human being."
– L. Chaudhary, ENCON Group Inc.

"Bill is a very good instructor and present the information very clearly."
– J. Cheriyan, RCMP.

"Instructor did a great job. Excellent course!"
– E. Chouinard, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

"Bill was great. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to about material. Provided good instruction without getting lost in the math."
– V. Clowe, CSEC.

"Fantastic at keeping things interesting."
– J. Cosgrove, Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

"Instructor spoke with clarity, plain language, great examples, using a pace which is easy to follow, good listener and took the time to review/refresh important details. One of the best instructors I have had to date anywhere."
– C. Cudahy, Transport Canada.

"Really comfortable in delivering materiel, and that helped me really listen to the materiel."
– C. Darville, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"A very pleasant person. Instructor is knowledgeable and wants to impart knowledge. Ran course excellently. A first rate instructor."
– M. Day, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Bill Stewart was the best thing about the class. With real-world examples, humour, and an obviously in-depth knowledge regarding project management, he really made a foundation class relevant."
– S. Deboer, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Very focused facilitator, able to answer any questions, and add extras to the class content with the live examples."
– N. Degready, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Instructor delivered the course very well. Excellent real world cases to help understand the material. Good pace of info."
– D. De Silva, RCMP.

"Excellent at answering questions and moving at an appropriate pace."
– A. Dodier, RCMP.

"Great instructor."
– M. Dooner, Bank of Canada.

"His demeanor reminded me of Mr. Rogers... calm, gentle, helpful, kind, wanting you to succeed and wanting to impart his knowledge and experience."
– J. Douglas, Canadian Coast Guard.

"Bill was a fantastic teacher. Excellent knowledge and communication skills. Thanks."
– Chris Dunlop, Canada Blood Services.

"Add more funny stories!"
– S. Duke, Transport Canada.

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Excellent instructor who obviously takes pride in his delivery."
– D. Dupuis, Canadian Department of Defence.

"Good pace, good emphasis on important materials."
– M. Dussault, Parks Canada.

"Like the real life examples."
– S. Dussault, Passport Canada.

"Bill was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the content of the course. He provided several life experience examples when communicating the theory and in doing so assisted me in better understanding the various concepts."
– T. Egan, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Instructor was excellent. Probably the best instructor I have had with any course since coming to Ottawa six years ago."
– S. Faulkner, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Bill Stewart is one of the best instructors I have had on any of the courses I have taken."
– L. Featherstone, Canadian Blood Services.

"Excellent teacher, very big thank you."
– A. Flansberry, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Ability to best provide the facts about Project Management in a comprehensive manner and relating to real world experience."
– M. Franklin, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Amazing at what he does."
– N. Gagne, ICON Clinical Research.

"Excellent instructor."
– H. Gai, Canadian International Development Agency.

"Very knowledgeable."
– G. Galipeau, Parks Canada.

– C. Galley, Transport Infrastructure and Communities Portfolio Canada.

"In over 20 years this was probably the most relevant course I've taken."
– R. Gaudet, MPC.

"Very knowledgeable person."
– L. Gauthier, Canadian Revenue Agency.

"Bill Stewart is probably one of the best instructors I've had."
– M. Gignac, Agriculture Canada.

"Very knowledgeable and shared his experience which was invaluable. Very well prepared and presented."
– A. Gill, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Very knowledgeable instructor."
– N. Girard, Elections Canada.

"Very good real world examples and suggestions that we can apply right away when going back to work."
– D. Glasberg, Public Health Agency of Canada.

"Great teacher, lots of interesting real world examples."
– D. Godin, Transport Infrastructure and Communities Portfolio Canada.

"One of the most impressive instructors I've had to date. Was a true privilege to learn from Bill."
– B. Gordon, Light Squared.

"Bill Stewart was outstanding. Direct and to the point. Help sort the FACT from the FLUFF."
– M. Griffin, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Great facilitator! This course is going to be very useful!"
– A. Groux, HRSDC.

"I was very pleased with the course."
– G. Groves, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Excellent course, useful in daily activities. Great instructor, good discussions."
– F. Gualtieri, HRSDC.

"Excellent! Enjoyed taking this course."
– B. Howell, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Very pleased with the instructor, his logical flow. Even when specific items were presented I always knew where we were in the PM process. Also, wonderful review of key material."
– W. Jackson, City of Ottawa.

"Instructor was very straight edge and provided many life experiences / work experiences to compliment the course he taught."
– R. Joachim, Natural Resources Canada.

"Great subject matter knowledge from the instructor. Answering of questions was very comprehensive as well."
– A. Kotova, Bank of Canada.

"Very good course and instructor."
– A. Laaksonen, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Very effective in presenting the material. Kept the material interesting with real life experiences."
– R. Labelle, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Well done. The information was nice and clear."
– B. Labine, Supreme Court of Canada.

"Very well versed in his role, very professional."
– M. Lafreniere, Ottawa International Airport.

"Clear and helpful to understand how the formal process works. Bill is an interesting and approachable and knowledgeable instructor."
– J. Lalonde, Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

"Very valuable real life example, very respectful towards students, and takes the time to assist during exercises. One of the best teachers, thanks!"
– B. Laniel, CSEC.

"Bill was great lots of personal examples, and was very knowledgeable."
– T. Lanthier, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

"Thank you Bill. You're a great teacher."
– S. Laviolette, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

"Bill was an engaging instructor who was able to make the course quite relevant for the participants by providing real world examples and suggest possible solutions for real project management problems brought up by the participants."
– R. Kuo Lee, National Research Council.

"Very helpful, knowledgeable, highly recommend."
– R. Leblanc, Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

"Bill was great... very informative and use of examples throughout the course was great."
– L. Lepage, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Material was well delivered. Instructor was great!"
– K. Mansfield, Public Health Agency of Canada.

"I found the facilitator very engaging and his experiences in project management extremely valuable."
– A. Marcotte, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

"Very strong speaker. Knows his stuff and provides practical examples."
– D. Mason, Natural Resources Canada.

"Thanks to Bill for the great time spent learning from his experiences as a Project Manager. I enjoyed the more "human side" of some of the course material i.e. qualities for PM etc... nice break from all of the hard knowledge."
– Anne Martel, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Thank you Bill for an outstanding course!"
– C. Mayne, McDonald's Restaurants.

"Excellent instructor kept you interested, brought real workplace experiences. Really knew his stuff."
– S. McCullough, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Well run course, instructor was excellent. I gained a lot from his real world experience."
– J. McDonald, Self Employed.

"This was a great course and I would definitely recommend it to others."
– R. McGarry, Public Safety Canada.

"Fantastic! Amazing!! Best course I have ever taken because of Bill!!!"
– M. McHale, Health Canada.

"A good experience and worth my time. I would recommend it to other people."
– J. McNicol, Nav Canada.

"Great Instructor. Well done. Thank you."
– M. Metayer, Bank of Canada.

"Best instructor by far from all the courses I have taken. More than simply surface information."
– J. Morand, Passport Canada.

"Very good instructor."
– B. Mueller, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"I really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course and the interactive lessons. Very helpful."
– K. Nangle, Department of Justice Canada.

"Found this course eye opening for my own job and for the levels above me which I aspire to reach in my career development path."
– Sheila Narasimhan, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Great Job Bill!"
– K. Nassar, Manulife Financial.

"The PMBOK was applied in a easy to use fashion. Bill Stewart is an excellent instructor. He uses practical examples and possesses a lot of insider knowledge for the PM industry."
– C. Newton, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Outstanding instructor! "
– D. Nobrega, CSEC.

– K. Nguyen, Department of National Defence.

"I appreciated the real world experience that he brought to the classroom. His feedback on the team exercises made the class more interesting and very effective for helping us to learn the concepts."
– Danita Oickle, Canada Revenue Agency.

"Great instructor."
– A. Pauly, Natural Resources Canada.

"Very good instructor, make course interesting with real life examples."
– C. Pham, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Bill was excellent and funny and should not be afraid to use even more of his humour in his delivery."
– Kristin Price, CPSC.

"Instructor was great; delivered an informative and interesting course."
– C. Powers, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

"Excellent course. I would attend one of Bill's courses in a heart beat!"
– D. Olivieri, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

"Was very knowledgeable and responded to questions well."
– S. Premachandran, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Bill was awesome, knows his stuff, interesting to listen to."
– C. Prevost, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

"Great course. Great teacher, I really enjoy that the teacher shares his experience with us. I learned a lot from it."
– L. Raymond, National Science and Engineering Council of Canada.

"What I enjoyed most about the course was all the practical information that the instructor provided that I could easily
incorporate into my daily work activities. I found Bill to be the best instructor I have had by far. I thoroughly enjoyed the course."
– S. Rebeiro, CSEC.

"Amazing teacher."
– B. Riopelle, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Extremely professional and knowledgeable instructor. Do not change anything – you are doing an excellent job!"
– A. Ristic, Canada Revenue Agency.

"I would highly recommend this instructor to anyone interested in Project Management."
– B. Robin, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

"Excellent course. Bill Stewart was excellent!"
– M. Roy, Correctional Services Canada.

"I enjoyed the instructor's quiet enthusiasm and obvious comfort with the material."
– P. Scagnetti, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Very easy to follow and understand examples. Promotes for an interactive course."
– M. Seifu, Innovapost.

"Thanks for the great course. Bill is one of the best instructors I've ever had!!"
– C. Quimper, Atria Networks.

"Instructor did a fine job."
– G. Satouroff, Transport Infrastructure and Communities Portfolio Canada.

"Content was very useful for my current job, in that I can immediately apply the tools."
– J. Seguin, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

"Excellent exercise on estimation of time and cost. Also excellent examples of real work use."
– T. Sellers, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Bill was great and his examples were very interesting. I would take another course by him again. He make the course very interesting."
– C. Shea, RCMP.

"Bill was excellent. Lots of experience and great teacher."
– C. Sincennes, House of Commons.

"Very good instructor. Well covered content. Created an environment that encouraged class contribution, but kept it overall under control
- which is not always easy!"
– P. Slavin, Self Employed,.

"Bill is an excellent instructor. I have many 'take aways' based on the real world experiences that he provided. He also explained certain project management theories that I previously never clearly understood until this course. Thanks to Bill for giving me the "light bulb" on some of the PM theories."
– L. Slot, Innovapost.

"Bill was great!"
– J. Smith, Workers Compensation Board.

"Very well informed instructor who was able to keep the class engaged in learning. He was able to relate the examples to the government based group and acknowledged that we didn't necessarily have control over the full project management process."
– K. Tersteeg, Canada Revenue Agency.

"One of the top teachers I have had at this level."
– G. Theriault, Canadian Border Services Agency.

"Bill Stewart's use of analogy for the subject matter was bang on. Personable and well presented."
– R. Trafford, RCMP.

"Excellent course that exceeded my expectations. Well-informed, experienced instructor. Liked the real-life examples. Great flow, easy to understand, kept things interesting and relevant. Came out of the course with 9 Action items to apply when I get back to work."
– P. Trethewey, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Bill Stewart was very informative and helpful to clarify concepts. Great teacher!"
– C. Trottier-Vogelsang, Transport Canada.

"Bill was awesome. I would definitely attend any course he taught on Project Management."
– R. Tucker, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

"Excellent skills and sharing his experience was a plus."
– M. Uehara, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"The instructor was very approachable, strong in his presentation skills, incredibly knowledgeable and always provided interesting and relevant work examples. He was by far the strongest instructor that I have encountered. It was a very positive learning experience."
– E. Urbas, Self Employed.

"I really enjoyed the real life experience examples! It helped put things in context for me."
– R. Venne, Department of Canadian Heritage.

"Mr Stewart's extensive PM experience make him an ideal instructor for this course."
– H. Venter, Canadian Department of National Defence.

"Very well polished presenting skills."
– G. Watton, GOC.


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